Hot Sauce advents

Elevate your holiday season with a fiery twist by indulging in the ultimate hot sauce adventure with Hop Burns & Black's two sensational advent calendars. The HB&B Hot Sauce Advent 2023 unveils a treasure trove of 12 exceptional hot sauces, each handpicked from across the globe, featuring a tantalizing blend of flavours and heat levels. Embark on a culinary journey as you explore the exquisite creations of HB&B's own masterful collaborations and renowned brands that have graced the fiery stage of YouTube's Hot Ones. For those seeking an extra dose of fiery intensity, the HB&B 'As Seen on Hot Ones' Hot Sauce Advent 2023 unleashes an inferno of 12 sauces, each a seasoned veteran of the Hot Ones challenge. Brace yourself for an explosion of flavours and heat levels as you savour the creations of iconic brands like Bravado, Heartbeat, Torchbearer, and the infamous Da Bomb, the conqueror of countless celebrity palates.