Our 100% Electric Home Delivery Service

When you choose the local delivery option, you'll be able to select your preferred delivery day, and we'll hand-deliver your order in our 100% electric, zero emissions van! Bringing you the good stuff without pumping any nasty diesel toxins into the air we all breathe... 

This week's newsletter: We've got The Last Dab! (And we're open right through Easter)🌶️

You've watched Hot Ones, you've seen celebrities lose their minds when they make their way through 10 of the world's most exciting hot sauces, always finishing on the feared Last Dab. Now The Last Dab has landed at HB&B... and frankly, we're a little terrified.

Head here to get your hands on the official Hot Ones range of sauces. We dare you!

And if you're coming to see us this Easter, Our shops are open every day. head here for our Easter hours.