Our 100% Electric Home Delivery Service

When you choose the local delivery option, you'll be able to select your preferred delivery day, and we'll hand-deliver your order in our 100% electric, zero emissions van! Bringing you the good stuff without pumping any nasty diesel toxins into the air we all breathe... 

This week's newsletter: Up in smoke

We continue to live in hope that the mercury will move above "have I packed a raincoat?/do we need to think about putting the heating back on?" levels and we can get back outside in shorts and T-shirts (and aprons) and finally do summer properly.

Regardless, there's an enormous amount to choose from this week - new US hot sauces including Butterfly Bakery's fabulous Maple Sparkle Sriracha and Djablo's Power Jab (as seen on Hot Ones S22). Look out for natural wines from Slovenia, Georgia, South Africa and Italy), and lovely stuff on the beer front too - hazy goodness from the usual suspects, plus we've been waiting ages for a local Altbier to come along, so this organic Black Isle x Kernel collab gets a big green tick. Plus don't forget our BBQ section too!