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Hop Burns & Bottle Share with North Brewing Co

Fresh from the success of our wonderful Duration brewing night last week, we thought we'd better get another one locked in. We are insanely excited to announce that the North Brewing team will be joining us at the end of November for our next HB&Bottle Share.

The North folk don't only make some of the best beers out there and win pretty much every award going, they're also some of the nicest folk in the business. John and Christian are busy pulling together a list of beers that encapsulate their beery journey, and we can't wait to see what they have to say.

Tickets just £15, available here. These events always sell out and sell out quickly, so don't snooze.

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Hop Burns & Bottle Share with Duration Brewing

Our infamous Hop Burns & Bottle Shares are back! These riotous events are where we invite our favourite beery people to share their favourite beers and beer-related tales with us, and who better to tell some stories than Team Duration.

Bates and Miranda are undertaking brewing’s own ‘Grand Design’ as they restore a historical abbey in Norfolk for their destination farmhouse brewery that will focus on fresh and sour beers with a heavy Belgo-American influence. While they work on this enormous (and enormously exciting) project, Bates is brewing nomadically. Over the past year, the former Brew By Numbers head brewer has collaborated with everyone from Wild Beer to Gipsy Hill to Verdant to Burning Sky, and is now brewing with Amundsen in Oslo while the brewery takes shape.

They will be bringing some of the beers that have played such a key role in Bates’ beery and epicurean journey - expect some yeast-driven classics, as well as Duration’s first two own-label beers: Turtles, an American pale, and Bet The Farm, a hoppy continental pale. We can’t wait to try these and listen to Bates chat all things beer in his wonderful Southern drawl.

After that, we’ll throw open the floor for you to share your latest finds, newest homebrew or that bottles in the cellar you’ve been waiting to have a chance to crack into.

Tickets just £15 + booking fee. Be quick!

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Hop Burns & Bottle Share with Cloudwater co-founder Paul Jones

It's our birthday week, and if a massive big party at Brick Brewery this Friday night and three new anniversary collab beers with Cloudwater, Fourpure and Brick weren't enough, there is yet another beery treat coming your way. It's our final Hop Burns & Bottle Share for 2017 with special guest Paul Jones, co-founder of Cloudwater Brew Co.

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Paul needs no introduction. As the MD of one of the most exciting breweries on the planet, he's propelled Cloudwater to legendary status since it launched in March 2015. It's the only UK brewery ever to have made the Ratebeer Top 10 list and has helped to radically change the way UK drinkers think about beer.

Paul's selected a range of beers that help tell his beery journey - amazing beers accompanied by top tales from one of UK brewing's finest raconteurs. 

After we've tried Paul's choice of beers, you'll get to share out yours with Paul and the rest of the room. Bring along your latest and greatest homebrew, that 750ml sharer you haven't had the courage to crack open, anything else in the cellar you've been waiting to unleash on an appreciative crowd...

It's short notice but there's no doubt this event will sell out and we're picking it to be one of the jolliest nights in HB&B history, so book your spot now. Tickets are just £15 plus booking fee.

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Hop Burns & Bottle Share with Wiper & True

Announcing the next instalment in our continuing Hop Burns & Bottle Share series, where we invite our favourite beery people to share their favourite beers and stories with us.

Michael Wiper founded Bristol brewery Wiper & True in 2012 and since then has been brewing exceptional beers that have always had a space on our shelves. The beautiful branding - golden hot air balloons, deep sea divers, rocket ships, hand-standing elephants - reflects the contents within, from rich creamy stouts to the freshest, juiciest hoppy pales.

Michael has selected some of his favourite beers from all around the world to share before handing over the bottle sharing to you, and we'll also have some very exciting new Wiper & True beers launching in store.

These events always sell out so book your spot now

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Hop Burns & Bottle Share: The Sour Spectacular

Recently there was an undignified scramble on the internet as Beer Merchants released a very limited number of bottles of Cantillon for sale. Someone compared it to the Glastonbury ticket sale, which sounded like a challenge to Jen, who happened to be online when the Cantillon sale went live and accidentally ended up scoring a bottle of the much sought after St Lamvinus. Racked with guilt at depriving a non-beer-shop-owning lover of lambic joy, she realised she had to donate it to a good cause... the first HB&Bottle Share for 2017!

We're delighted to have twisted the arm of Fourpure brewer Paul Spraget, the man behind the legendary Mad Hatter Tzatziki Sour, our favourite beer of 2015. Paul will be choosing his all-time favourite sours which we'll all get to try, before throwing open the floor to you and the beers you've brought along. We've got a stack of sours we haven't had the opportunity to try yet and of course we'll be uncorking that Cantillon... It promises to be more riotous than ever with Paul involved, so we know this will be another sell-out. Tickets are £15 (plus booking fee if booking online) - be quick...

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