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Cider for Beer Lovers with The Ciderologist Gabe Cook

The coolest kids in craft beer are drinking... cider.

It's true. Craft cider is so damn exciting and luckily for us, we live in the land of the best craft cider-makers on the planet.

We've paired up with The Ciderologist, Gabe Cook, to bring together a selection of the UK's finest ciders.

Gabe was born in the heart of the Shire, and has spent his career making and drinking tasty beverages and talking about cider all around the world. He's even preached the gospel, even in places as far-flung as New Zealand where he worked with our pals Peckham's Cider.

He's a man with a mission, and that mission is cider. Plus he has a very fine moustache.

Join Gabe at our place on Thursday 6 July to take a tour through the best ciders you've never tasted. Tickets are just £15, available here.