#HBBAdvent Beer 16: Pressure Drop Nanban Kanpai Wheat IPA

Pressure Drop says: This beer is brewed in collaboration with Masterchef winner Tim Anderson for his restaurant Nanban in Brixton. We’ve worked with Tim on a number of beers including a purple sweet potato beer and a cranberry wheat beer. Nanban Kanpai is primed with Yuzu, Grapefruit and Orange juice and provides a hugely fruity, tangy and refreshing citrus burst. It is always available at Nanban and goes well with all the delicious food there.

We say: We are unashamed fanboys/girls of Tim Anderson, despite never having seen Masterchef. His restaurant is, quite frankly, the nuts - you'll go a long way to find tastier ramen. But along with his chefing skills, Tim has always been a bona fide beer geek and this, combined with his quest for new and original flavours, is evident in all of his weird and wonderful collaborations, from Wild Beer Yadokai (yuzu, sea buckthorn and seaweed) to Weird Beard Sally Squirrel (sake, misu, chokeberry and walnut) to this. Nanban Kanpai brings together yuzu, orange and grapefruit to make a ridiculously refreshing drink. Kanpai, Tim! - Jen

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