Top Totty

To Slater Ales

We got sent a box of beers from Staffordshire brewery Slater Ales which contained this grossly offensive beer. (It also contained one called Haka, a New Zealand pale ale "reviving the Maori spirit", which is a whole other world of cultural appropriation we're not going to get into right now.) On investigating further, we see this isn't the first time this brewery has been called out for this sexist beer - they made national news for it, in fact, in 2012 - which means they know full well they're being vile and they don't care. So we decided to call them out again because come on guys, it's 2016 and we're bloody well sick of this bollocks. Our email is below.

To the team at Slater Ales -

Firstly, thanks for sending down the box of samples - we always like to receive beer and we've discovered some of our favourite breweries through a box of samples.

Unfortunately the first beer we pulled out of the box was your blonde ale, Top Totty, featuring a bikini-clad blonde woman sporting bunny ears. We wondered if perhaps we hadn't noticed the box was actually a time capsule from the 1950s.

We're proud to employ and serve wonderful, fiercely intelligent women who know and love their beer. We also employ and serve wonderful, fiercely intelligent men. It may be the best-tasting beer in the world but having this grossly sexist relic on our shop's shelves is simply not an option.

Apologies if this comes across as harsh - we could have just binned the beer and forgotten about it, but we felt we needed to say something as this sort of thing is just not OK in 2016. We would be very surprised if you had any success getting any of the new wave of beer retailers to stock this beer.

Thanks and we hope you'll take our feedback on board. I'm sure you won't, as it seems even the national news you made back in 2012 for being banned from the House of Commons hasn't changed the way you do business, but it's there for you anyway.

Jen Ferguson