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Our January All Killer No Filler Sub Club box revealed

If you're at a loss for what to get that special someone for Valentine's Day (or maybe you still need to drop some hints for what you'd like), then problem solved. Our All Killer No Filler box is hands down the best monthly beer subscription box out there. No boasting, that's just a fact.

We've got a handful of memberships left for February. Sign up to get on board before Wednesday and we'll send you a card to include with your Valentine's Day festivities, with the box itself en route by the end of the week. Last month's selection is revealed below and this month's box is one of our favourite selections yet - 12 super-fresh, super-delicious, super-must-have brews from 12 superstar breweries.

Membership has its privileges, one of them being that whoever receives this box for Valentine's will love you forever. 

(Want more? Here are our September, October, November and December boxes. See what we mean?)

HB&B Sub Club - our November boxes revealed

We're about to start packing our December boxes for sending our next week, but it's not too late to get on board for a pre-Xmas beery feast.

We know we say this every month, but we are SO excited about what's going in the December box - yet again we live up to our promise of no filler and ALLLLLLL killer, with the very best breweries in the world putting their best foot forward. We know you're going to love it!

Here's what went in last month's box, just to whet your appetite.

HB&B Sub Club - our September and October boxes revealed

Next week we're sending out our November All Killer No Filler boxes and a couple of cancellations means there are now slots available - so get on board before the Christmas rush.

Sign up for 12 months and pay just £48 a month (saving around 20% - yes, 20%! - on what you'd pay in store), or opt for a shorter term - the choice is yours.

To whet your whistle, here are the contents of the September and October boxes - Cloudwater, Evil Twin, Belching Beaver, Magic Rock, Modern Times, Burning Sky, Northern Monk... And that's just for starters. Is there a better beer subscription box out there? We think not.

Introducing... the HB&B Sub Club

So we're finally launching our beer subscription service. Introducing the HB&B Sub Club.

We've wanted to do this for a while now, but as always, we're inherently cautious and knew when we launched a subscription box, we wanted it to be the best little subscription box in Texas. So we researched, and we talked to you, our wonderful customers, and we've come up with something we're pretty - OK, very - excited about.

We had so much fun putting together our HB&B Christmas Advent Calendar Boxes in 2015 and 2016. Our ultimate aim with these was: "Let's ensure everyone who gets this box gets a thrill every time they unwrap each day's beer." It's the same motivation that gets us excited every Monday morning when we put in the weekly orders for the shop - what beers are we excited about that we know other beer lovers will be excited about? ("All killer no filler" would be the mission statement for our business, if we were organised enough to have a mission statement.)

This obsession has underpinned the launch of the HB&B Sub Club and our All Killer No Filler box. Every single beer we choose is something we are ridiculously excited about. You're not going to see any beers that a) we can't sell, b) are close to date, c) you could find in the supermarket or offie down the road, d) don't make your heart sing. Each and every beer is new/fuss-worthy/rare/just plain awesome - each and every one we've tried, tasted and loved, and we've enjoyed worked directly with our favourite breweries and distributors to ensure they've set aside their very best beers for this very purpose.

We know this isn't the cheapest beer subscription box in town - far from it. But we like to think it's reassuringly expensive. 10-12 of the best beers out there, hand-picked by us, AND you'll save a minimum of 10-20%, depending on which level of subscription you choose (usually more because we're not very good at sticking to budget and OMG OMG OMG, so many good beers)

To those about to rock, we salute you. HB&B Sub Club membership is capped to ensure all of our subscribers can get their hands on the same mind-blowing beers, and we're kept numbers especially tight while we're in the beta phase (while we get to grips with our insanely complex subscription software - don't ask). But your support won't be forgotten - early adopters can expect a very special treat in the weeks to come...

In summary: we've curated an absolutely sensational subscription box and we know you're going to love it. Join us.

*** The All Killer No Filler box launches 9am today, Friday 7th April. See you soon :) ***