Stone & Wood

Big Beery Advent Calendar - Beer 15: Stone & Wood Pacific Pale Ale,


Each night, we'll post a blog about the day's hand-picked beer in our Big Beery Advent Calendar - why we love the brewery, why we've chosen the beer, why we think you'll love it too. Feel free to comment below or have your say on Twitter.

Stone & Wood says: "Inspired by our home on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and brewed using all Australian barley, wheat and Galaxy hops, Pacific Ale is cloudy and golden with a big fruity aroma and a refreshing finish. After being dry hopped at the end of fermentation, our Pacific Ale is then drawn straight from the storage tank at the brewery into kegs and bottles. Drawing it from the tank and straight into a keg or bottle without filtering means that the beer can be enjoyed at the pub or at home in the same condition as it is when we try it from the tank at the brewery … simply fresh."

We say: This is the taste of Australia in a bottle. The good bits, that is - the beach, the sunshine, the big blue skies, not the snakes, spiders and yobbos drinking dodgy lager. Just kidding, Australia. A great escape on this wet and nasty London evening.