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What to drink on World Salami Day

Beer is ace, but it’s even better when accompanied by some perfectly paired food. Behind our counter (and on our online shop) you’ll always find the full range of craft meat snacks from Serious Pig.

Like many of the best ideas, Serious Pig was dreamed up over a beer and the Serious Pig range (all made from high-welfare, outdoor-bred British pork) continues to be the ideal accompaniment to a brew.

In honour of World Salami Day today (yes, this is actually a thing), we decided to don our tasting robes and get a bit serious ourselves to find the perfect matches for Serious Pig’s two delicious salamis. We’ve even bundled them up into a special snack pack - head here to get both Serious Pig salamis and four perfectly matched beers at a great price.

Snacking Salami Classic does what it says on the tin - a classic, lightly spiced pork salami with a lingering peppery kick. Try it with:

  • A toasty black IPA, such as Beavertown’s marvellous Black Betty (bam-ba-lam). The dark malt provides a touch of roastiness without dialling up the bitterness, and a touch of aniseed works amazingly alongside the salami spices.
  • A gueuze, a funky Belgian sour beer. Boon Gueuze is a classic of this style, or go top shelf with Gueuze Tilquin (available in-store only).
  • A Belgian-style tripel - the smooth, mildly spicy taste of a tripel is a godsend for food. We love Moa St Joseph’s Tripel from New Zealand, a complex drop with caramel and banana esters.
  • A coffee porter or stout. Buxton and Stillwater have just released their latest collaboration, the incredible Subluminal Imperial Stout with Coffee, which is one to reward yourself with.

Snacking Salami Chilli and Paprika steps it up a little, with delicious garlic flavours, smoky paprika and a stronger hit of chilli. The additional spices means it can hold its own with even bolder beer styles. Try it with:

  • A West Coast-style IPA. Magic Rock Cannonball brings together big, resinous US hops with a beautifully balanced malt bill.
  • A doppelbock, an extra-strong German lager with big malty sweetness. With Oktoberfest coming up, you’ll find more of these styles appearing in bars and bottle shops. Look out for Ratebeer’s best doppelbock on the planet, Ayinger Celebrator, while stocks last. It's hitting the shop this week.
  • A spicy saison. Saison Dupont from Belgium is crisp, dry, fruity and peppery, and is the saison to which all other saisons aspire.
  • A rye IPA. Beavertown 8 Ball is a great example of the style - it doesn’t skimp on the hops but boosts the malt sweetness, with the addition of rye giving a lovely earthiness which works perfectly with the spice of the salami.

Introducing the HB&B Can Station at Serious Pig

Beer in cans is great. So great, in fact, that we're opening a new shop in the heart of Peckham next month dedicated solely to the joy of the can.

The HB&B Can Station at Serious Pig is a Saturday-only beer emporium in association with our pals, the craft meat specialists at Serious Pig

Why? Our favourite breweries are now canning their beers, so we thought, why not devote an entire shop to cans? They’re easier to transport, they protect beer from one of its major enemies (light) and goddamnit, these days cans look bloody awesome. Plus you can fit a whole lot more of them in a fridge...

The HB&B Can Station is located at Serious Pig’s lovely railway arch under the tracks by Peckham Rye Station. The focus is firmly on takeaway, with a humongous variety of canned beer, but you'll also be able to stay for a drink on site along with a choice of food from Serious Pig’s award winning range.

Each week we’ll pick the very best and freshest cans from our 350+ strong craft beer selection and haul them over to the Can Station. Expect to find breweries such as Beavertown, Cloudwater, Magic Rock, Northern Monk, Verdant, Mikkeller, Evil Twin, Lervig, To Ol, Yeastie Boys and many more. If it’s good and in a can, it’s there.

The HB&B Can Station at Serious Pig launches Saturday 10 June and will be open from 12-6pm each Saturday over the summer at Arch 221, 42 Blenheim Grove, Peckham Rye, London SE15 4QL. See you there.