Port Brewing

Behold! The joys of our Bin Ends Box

"People are strange," sung a dead poet once. 

Roger that. We've found that it doesn't matter how amazing the beer, if there's a last solitary bottle or can of it sitting on shelf, you lot won't take it. Freud would have a field day. Maybe. 

Anyway, you've probably noticed our Bin Ends Box, the crate of wonders that sits next to our counter. It's filled with a delectable selection of lonely little beers (and sometimes wines, ciders and hot sauces) that are the end of their line, the last of their kind, You, the people, cruelly shun them when they're the last bottle on the shelf but strangely love to snap them up when they're jumbled up in a box next to the counter.

If you haven't discovered the joys of our Bin Ends Box yet, now's the time. As we type, on offer are beautiful beers from Evil Twin Brewing, Siren, Wild Beer, Pressure Drop, Port Brewing and more, replaced daily as more good things come to an end. 

So go on - have a rummage.