Hot sauce

Hot sauce spotlight: CaJohns Barbecue Sauces

Started in 1996 by John Hard, a Fire Protection Engineer with an ironic passion for hot and spicy flavours, Ohio-based CaJohns Fiery Foods cover all the bases. Cajun, Southwestern, Asian and Caribbean flavours are all represented in everything from hot sauces to spice blends.

What we’re really loving from them right now, as we attempt to fully commit to the temperamental British summertime, are their barbecue sauces - especially, being the booze-hounds we are, the alcohol infused ones.

Preservative free and carefully prepared in small batches, both of these sauces have won big at the World Hot Sauce, BBQ and Extreme Food Awards. First up, the relatively mild but complex Spiced Rum Ancho Barbecue Sauce. There’s a lovely earthy heat from the ancho chillies and a splash of spiced rum adds a subtle sweetness, while bold spice and smokiness hold it all together. Slather it all over ribs.

Kicking the heat up a notch, the Bourbon Chipotle Barbecue Sauce is light in texture and heavy on flavour. It’s rich, tangy, sweet, smoky and probably the most popular of the CaJohn’s barbecue sauces, because it’s a cracking all-rounder. Chicken, seafood or pork; try this on anything (and everything).

By HB&B Assistant Manager Catherine Lockhart

HBB1 - our first hot sauce

Today we launch these bad boys!

That's right, in celebration of our six-month anniversary (any excuse for a knees-up), we introduce HBB1 - Hopped & Burning Hot Sauce.

HBB1* is the first in an ongoing series of hot sauces that are the result of collaborations between Team HB&B and our favourite chilli producers and breweries.

We created HBB1 with UK hot sauce queen Miranda Pellew of Chilli Pepper Pete in Brighton and our friends at Peckham’s own Brick Brewery. It's based on the popular Middle Eastern sauce zhoug and brings together coriander, parsley, cumin and lemon juice with jalapeno and Thai chillies, plus an infusion of Summit hops.

Zhoug sauces are huge in the Middle East and for good reason - they're delicious. Super-zesty with a kick, zhoug can be used on pretty much anything. Our hopped version is naturally well suited to Middle Eastern dishes, is nothing short of amazing with all things BBQ and - as you'd expect - goes extremely well with a beer.

It's in store from now at the bargain price of £4.95. Come get some!

* Yes, that catalogue number may just be a reference to Factory Records.

New stuff in store: 28 May

As the UK's (the world's?) only craft beer and hot sauce shop, we've been looking forward to the British release of Rogue's Sriracha Hot Stout for ages. Brewed with Huy Fong, the best sriracha sauce on the planet (aka Rooster Sauce), it's pretty epic - and it's in store now. Buy it on its on or bundle it with Huy Fong's iconic sauce for super sriracha value at a very special price.

Other beery goodness this week includes a massive shipment of New Zealand beers with newbies from 8 Wired and Renaissance Brewing, as well as restocks of all your favourites from Yeastie Boys, Tuatara and Three Boys in bottle and on flagon-fill too.

We also finally welcome Left Hand Brewing to our shelves - their Milk Stout Nitro has to be tasted to be believed.

Brewdog's 'terminally hoppy' Born To Die IPA is in - but won't last long. Plus we've also got shedloads of Beavertown cans in, including but not limited to the brand new Power of the Voodoo Triple IPA and re-ups on Bloody Ell and Neck Oil.

In hot sauce news, to celebrate our six-month anniversary, we've launched our very own hopped hot sauce. HBB1 Hopped & Burning Hot Sauce has been created with UK hot sauce queen Miranda Pellew of Chilli Pepper Pete in Brighton, and is based on the Middle Eastern sauce zhoug. Rich and tangy, it brings together coriander, parsley, cumin and lemon juice with jalapeno and Thai chillies, plus an infusion of Summit hops from Peckham’s own Brick Brewery. It's amazing with Middle Eastern cuisine, mind-blowing with all things BBQ and goes pretty well with a beer too. On sale from Friday!

And join us on Saturday afternoon when we officially launch Whitey's Bad Boy Jerk Sauce in store. Whitey himself will be in session too, with tastings for all, though without his jerk drum this time (keep your ears peeled for a proper jerk session going down in the forecourt before the summer is out).

L.O.V.E got a hold on me*

Unless you’ve spent the past few weeks trapped in a bunker, you’ll know that this weekend is Valentine’s Day. If you’re fortunate to be loved up, we’ve got some great gift tips that may see you get lucky on the big night... If you’re proudly single or fervently cynical, why not just treat yourself?

Big hands, big beers

Big bottles aren’t just for winey-bubbles any more. Behold the Wineybeest and friends. We’ve got a great range of big, beautiful bottles of beer that fit like a glove into our stylish gift bags. Choose from wax-sealed wonders from Wild Beer, Savour’s glorious Sparkling Beer Brut, Brooklyn’s iconic Sorachi Ace and many more…

Box clever

Our famous gift boxes are back. Step 1: Choose from a 3- or 6-bottle box. Step 2: fill it with beers of your choice. Simple.

Champagne and rosés

"And for my next number, I’d like to return to the classics…" We’re not just about beer, you know. We’ve got some amazing champagnes and natural and biodynamic sparkling wines, or if you want to be in the pink this Valentine’s, lovely rosés and pink sparklings. All of which, funnily enough, fit rather perfectly into our HB&B gift bags… 

Valentina for my Valentine

Turn up the heat with one of our 100+ bottles of hot sauce. For a laid-back approach to Valentine’s night, choose a great film, get some beers in, make some popcorn and slather Valentina sauce all over the top. Now that’s LOVE. 

And finally, nothing spells lovin' like Let's Get It On. Or a bit of Barry.  Come get your Valentine's soundtrack.

* PS - our headline is a tribute to the late, great Demis Roussos. It’s one of the greatest disco tunes ever. Check it.