#HBBAdvent Beer 2: Augustiner Lagerbier Hell (Germany)

Augustiner says: A particularly mild, sparkling, long stored beer, refreshing and easily digestible at the same time. Uniquely in its taste, a benefit for each beer connoisseur.

We say: The name is hell but you're in beer heaven...

I've been advised that I can't describe it as "the king of beers" as that is copyright infringement, but without a doubt Augustiner is lager royalty. Our 5th best selling beer of 2017 - but always number one in my heart.

Pours golden straw with medium size white head, moderate hopped, floral notes. Lively carbonation.... Go to hell, Ratebeer. - Lewis

#HBBAdvent Beer 7: Thornbridge Lukas Helles Lager (Derbyshire)

Thornbridge says: Helles is a traditional, elegant Bavarian style of beer originating in Munich. Lukas is straw blonde, full-bodied yet sparklingly light. This Helles exudes a subtle, freshly baked bread maltiness, balanced with an elegant noble hop aroma. The finish is clean, crisp and satisfying.

We say: We’re lucky to host an informal weekly gathering of Bermondsey brewers at the shop, who routinely drink us out of Augustiner’s excellent Helles lager on their visits. When Ben from the Kernel told us to get Lukas on our radar, we took notice - this is a man who knows good beer. I'll crawl over 50 good pale ales just to get to one perfectly brewed Helles - lager snobbery has no place around here. A testament to no-nonsense expert brewing, this is closest you can get to Munich without leaving the country and, as Ben can attest to, the perfect Wednesday night drink. - Glenn

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HB&B Top Three: Lager, lager, lager

So here we are, in the height of our Great British Summer and how is everyone quenching their thirsts? Besides the abundance of funky, fruity sours flying off our shelves, we’ve never before had quite so many excellent lagers to choose from. From your classic Bavarian Helles to NZ pilsners, you can wave goodbye to watery, adjunct lagers… Here are our top three picks.

Orbit Nico Koln-style Lager 4.8%
Just off the Walworth Road in SE London, Orbit started out in 2014 and Nico, their modern take on the traditional beers of Cologne, is a permanent fixture on our shelves. It straddles a lager/ale definition because, although it undergoes the lagering process, it’s made with top-fermenting ale yeast, making this a light and crisp beer with more assertive aroma and robust taste than you might expect.

Thornbridge Lukas Helles Lager 4.2%
We were alerted to the greatness of this beer by The Kernel’s brew team. When they come to ours for post-work drinks, they usually bypass the big hoppy brews and head straight for a cold lager. Lukas, brewed in Derbyshire, is a fantastic example of a traditional Helles made outside of Germany. It’s subtly full-bodied, bready and malty, whilst being effervescently light and absolutely smashable on a sunny day, a rainy day or any given day.

Augustiner Lagerbier Hell 5.2%
Although no longer staffed by the Augustine monks that gave the brewery its name in the 14th Century, Augustiner Brau Munchen continues the tradition of making classically German beer. With its mild, malty sweetness and crisp, grassy flavour, this brilliantly clear and refreshing beer might just be one of the best lagers in the world…

As selected by HB&B Assistant Manager Catherine Lockhart