English hops

#HBBAdvent Beer 14: Kew Brewery Pagoda Pale Ale #5 (London)

Kew Brewery says: A numbered series of pale ales celebrating different English hops each time. Brewed using broadly the same full-bodied pale malt base each time, with small tweaks at the brewer’s whim, our Pagoda Pale series aims to show what English hops can really do! Pagoda #5 is brewed with new ‘tropical fruit’ hop Olicana, and just a little UK-grown Chinook for bittering. Expect lots of mango, grapefruit and passionfruit flavours and aroma.

We say: All of Kew's beers, but especially this one, really demonstrate the potential of "unfashionable" English hops. Brewer David Scott is as passionate about the environment as he is about great beer, so all of Kew's malts and hops are grown in England to reduce "food miles" (as well as because they taste great). David often gets his hands on new and experimental hops that no one else is showcasing, and in doing so gives them a fantastic platform from which to shine. A boring English pale this is most definitely not. - Glenn

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