Why we've gone cash-free (for a month at least)


During May, we won't be accepting cash payments (so please ensure you have a card with you for in-store payments). We're doing this for a month's trial, with a view to making it permanent if the trial proves successful.

Why do we want to go cash-free? There are several reasons.

More than 95% of you already pay by card or online - Those of you who do pay in cash are usually carrying a card as back-up, so we hope any inconvenience caused will be minimal. 

Added security - It's a fact that businesses that don't carry cash are less likely to be a target of crime in store, not to mention a reduced risk of theft if we don't have to haul cash to the bank. We're all for making ourselves and our staff safer.

Damn banks keep closing their branches - This means we have to travel further to get to a branch to deposit our cash takings, and when we get there we have to wait longer as everyone who used to visit those other branches is having to come to the same branch. We want those hours back!

Less time cashing up, more time to spend on important things - Counting the float at the start and end of the day is a time-consuming chore we'd prefer not to have to do. We have much more exciting stuff we'd rather be focusing on to make our service to you even better.

So apologies for any hassle caused. We're keen to hear your feedback - good and bad - as the month progresses and in turn we'll let you know how the trial has gone at the end of May and if we'll make it a permanent thing or not. Thanks for understanding :)