Festive online rewards!

It seems like a good time to remind you all about the wonders of our HB&B Good Times Online Rewards scheme. Because not only do we have one of the UK’s finest selections of all things good, we also have the most generous online rewards programme out there and we don’t shout nearly enough about it.

Right now, until 11.59pm on Wednesday 12th December, all new customers who create an online account with us will get 100 rewards points just for that simple act. That’s a £5 discount code to use whenever you like.

But if you’re not a new customer, fear not - your rewards last all year long. For a start, you’ll get 100 bonus rewards points just for referring a new customer to us (all they need to do is spend £30+ and set up an online account). You can then choose to spend or save your points that you accrue while you shop with us - if you resist the temptation to spend them, you could receive a discount code of up to £150!

Want to find out more? Head to our online shop and click the little Earn Rewards tab to see what rewards you can earn and how to spend them.