Sauce spotlight: Bloody Hell Hot Sauce (sticking it to The Man)

As a proudly independent stockist of proudly independent products, our interest is always piqued when we see a story of someone being pushed around by The Man.

In the case of Bloody Hell Hot Sauce, it seems The Man = Dan Aykroyd, who post-Ghostbusters et al branched out into vodka - vodka somewhat needlessly filtered through layers of diamonds and sold in a "crystal" skull bottle.

His lawyers came down like a ton of hot bricks on Isle of Wight couple Bobby and Rosie Powers, whose homemade Bloody Hell Hot Sauce is also sold in a (different) glass skull bottle that they import from China.

While they fight a costly legal battle with the diamond-filtering Hollywood heavyweight, we thought we'd help them out a bit by getting in some of their delicious sauce. Expect "Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling!" when this Mexican-inspired habanero hottie hits your mouth...