Hop Burns & Bottle Share with Paul Jones of Cloudwater Brew Co

We were privileged to travel to Manchester last month to brew with one of the very best breweries in the world, Cloudwater Brew Co. It was a fantastic experience - the people behind the beer are as top-notch as the beer they produce - and we especially enjoyed the chance to spend time with Cloudwater's charismatic co-founder Paul Jones.

We knew there was a lot more we wanted to discuss, so what better way to hear more than at one of our infamous Bottle Shares? As is customary, we asked Paul to nominate some of his all-time favourite beers to share with the crowd, and this time we had the added bonus of Paul selecting a piece of music to match each beer.

You'll find Paul's pairings below, which gave way to much robust discussion. We were keen to hear more about Paul's thoughts on freshness, the changing UK palate, the art of label design and of course the future for Cloudwater. Also, don't tell anyone, but Paul sees himself as more of a wine man than a beer lover - shhhh...

Luckily we recorded it all so stay tuned for the first episode of our new beer and music podcast, Rock The Mashtun, coming your way shortly.

Huge props to our guests too, who brought along one of the finest selections of share beers seen to date - everything from super-fresh Treehouse cans to Cantillon, Lost Abbey, The Bruery, Garage Project and more. Usually we write them all down but the challenge proved too vast this time!

Paul's pairings

1. Water: Tegernseer Hell 4.8% with Benjamin Britten, Four Sea Interludes from 'Peter Grimes', 1: Dawn 

2. Malt: Kernel Imperial Brown Stout 9.3% with D'Angelo, Chicken Grease

3. Hops: Cloudwater x Hop Burns & Black HOP DDH NZ Pale 5.6% with David Bowie, Let's Dance

4. Yeast: Schneider Weisse Aventinus Vintage 2013 Wheat Doppelbock 8.2% with Steve Reich & Pat Metheny, Electric Counterpart - (Fast Movement - Part 3)

5. Wood: Cloudwater Speyside BA Imperial Chocolate Stout 12% with Jimi Hendrix, All Along The Watchtower