Matthew Curtis's No More Heroes XX – Wylam All Gone South NZ Oatmeal Pale

Hazy beer, it’s a pretty contentious subject in the beer world these days. When I was in Philadelphia this April for the Craft Brewers Conference, I ended up discussing it with venerable beer author Randy Mosher. I obsessed over a sensational pint of Tired Hands Station IPA, which in fairness looked like a glass of milk that had been dosed with a Berocca tablet but tasted sensational. It was like a fruit bowl full of passion fruit, mango and lychee with a tinge of lime and fresh coriander around the edges. But Randy? He couldn’t get past the way it looked. I think that was a shame.

There’s no denying that hazy beer can be indicative of it being faulty but, importantly, that’s not necessarily always the case. Fewer brewers are choosing to filter their beer, despite dosing them with heavy amounts of hops during fermentation to pack in as much aroma as possible. This can cause something called ‘colloidal haze’ and is not necessarily an indication of a beer being flawed, but instead can be an indication of it being delicious.

Wylam’s All Gone South looks like pond water, but thankfully that’s where its negative connotations end. In fact I actually find this tangerine hued, near opaque beer’s appearance quite appealing. A bit like the way you’d find a refreshing glass of orange juice when suffering from a stinking hangover.

This all-Kiwi hopped beer packs in aromas of gooseberry and passion fruit. In all aspects, from appearance, to aroma to how it tastes, All Gone South brings forth the juice. You’d be hard pushed to tell it was 6% ABV, unless you drank enough of it of course.

It’s also worth noting that All Gone South is a limited edition beer from Newcastle’s Wylam Brewery, so don’t hang about if you want to experience this juice for yourself.

Music Pairing – Th’ Dudes, Bliss
We played this NZ pub rock classic by Th’ Dudes (fronted by non other than NZ music legend Dave Dobbin) at our very first live No More Heroes event last year. I’ve chosen this track not just because it pairs well with all the juice in this immensely fun beer from Wylam, but it also captures the seemingly carefree, party attitude that the brewery now projects in its reinvented form. Wylam have really upped their game this year and are now producing some of the most exciting beer in the UK. I for one hope they keep the party rocking for as long as possible.

You can find more from beer writer Matthew Curtis at his excellent beer blog, Total Ales, and Good Beer Hunting, and on Twitter @totalcurtis. And you can get Wylam All Gone South delivered to your door via our online shop.