Hop Burns & Bottle Share with The Kernel Brewery

It was with enormous pleasure that we hosted Evin O'Riordain, Toby Munn and Ben Landsberry from the Kernel Brewery for the second in our Hop Burns & Bottle Share series. The events follow a simple format - we ask our favourite brewers/beer legends to nominate their favourite beers, or those that hold a special place in their story, before throwing it over to our guests to share the beers they've brought along. Good times guaranteed.

The Kernel were the very first brewery we approached when setting up HB&B - such was the demand, back in 2014, that we had to go on a waiting list. Luckily the powers that be found a way to fit us in before we opened, and we've been proud to stock Kernel beers ever since. Table Beer and/or Pale Ale are constantly in the Top 5 bestseller list and we've never had a beer of theirs we haven't loved.

The reason we hold Kernel in such high esteem is probably the same reason you do - their unflinching integrity and devotion to creating the very best beer, setting the bar high for others to aim for. As one of the godfathers of the UK craft scene, they've also supported and nurtured those who have come after. This mutual love and respect was born out by the Kernel's team's Bottle Share beer selection. 

In addition to featuring two of their favourite Kernel beers - the iconic Table Beer and Export Stout 1890, a celebration of London's brewing history - Evin, Toby and Ben also selected two London classics from breweries they've undoubtedly inspired, Partizan Lemongrass Saison and Pressure Drop Pale Fire, as well as two 750ml specials, Burning Sky Cuvee 2015, and Gueuze Tilquin. All great beers made by brewers they call friends.

The beers enjoyed on the night are listed below - you can find the Kernel's 6-beer selection in store and on our online shop if you'd like a taste of the action.

Kernel beer list:

1. Kernel Table Beer Mosaic & Simcoe
2. Partizan Lemongrass Saison
3. Pressure Drop Pale Fire
4. Burning Sky Cuvee 2015
5. Kernel Export Stout London 1890
6. Gueuze Tilquin

Bottle share beers (names noted where remembered!):

  • Kernel Imperial Brown Stout 1856 (Ben)
  • Lost Abbey Angel's Share 2009 (Toby)
  • Deschutes The Abyss Reserve 2011 (Toby)
  • Burning Sky Cuvee Reserve 2015 (Simon)
  • Simon's homebrew
  • Adam's homebrew
  • Prairie Limo Tint
  • Moa Sour Blanc 2012
  • Yeastie Boys Her Majesty 2015
  • Roaring Four Rakau and Roaring Five DIPA
  • Magic Rock Unhuman Cannonball
  • Alvinne Omega
  • Wild Beer Sleeping Lemons Export
  • Wild Beer Ninkasi
  • Wild Beer Squashed Grape