#HBBAdvent Beer 6: Gosnells Hopped Mead (Peckham)

Gosnells says: Inspired by our our time working with friends at local breweries, Gosnells Hopped Mead pairs the citrus notes of our signature mead with a blend of floral aroma hops to create a bold new mead.

We say: Yes alright, calm down everyone. This isn't beer... but it is a fermented beverage made with hops, so we reckon it earns its place in the box. The Gosnells team have taken their original fermented honey mead and dry-hopped it with Amarillo and Mosaic, which lend lovely hoppy notes to the drink without bittering the sweetness. Gosnells' meadery is based just a few minutes from the shop and we've loved watching these guys go from strength to strength over the past few years and getting really inventive with their flavours. Just released is a festive six-pack which includes a citra-hopped mead with Cornish sea water and an elderflower mead - both of which are delightful. - Jen

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