#HBBAdvent Beer 23: BrewDog Neon Overlord Mango & Chilli IPA (Scotland)

BrewDog says: This chili mango IPA lures you in with intense juicy fruit before sending you reeling with a habanero knockout punch. This dry, light- bodied IPA has devastating bitterness backed up with spicy heat, firing your tastebuds on all cylinders - citrus, chili and resin, on light biscuit malt. The mango adds a sweet, almost soothing layer, which balances the incredible intensity of this twisted India pale ale.

We say: OK, so we're properly sick of BrewDog's stunts too. The casino thing? Spare us. But it can't be denied that the Scottish attention-seekers knock out some pretty great specials, one of which being the new Self Assembly Pope (like drinking a Bounty bar) and another being this one. Neon Overlord appeals to us for obvious reasons - chilli and beer, together? Bring it. If you hate chilli beers, this may not float your boat quite so much. But if you don't mind a little kick, OK, a LOT of kick, then this is the beer for you. A fruity hit from the mango followed by a powerful chilli rush. We love it. - Jen

Each night, we'll reveal the day's hand-picked beer from our Big Beery Advent Calendar. Feel free to comment below or have your say on Twitter or Instagram (#HBBAdvent). Neon Overlord was so popular at ours that we've completely sold out, but keep an eye out for more BrewDog specials in the future.