#HBBAdvent Beer 15: Burning Sky Saison L'Automne (Sussex)

Burning Sky says: This worker's strength saison is our seasonal beer. The base recipe remains the same and uses the same strains of yeast as our Provision Saison but changes to reflect the seasons in the inspirational countryside that surrounds Burning Sky Brewery. The autumn hedgerows have been laden with rosehips this year and we have blended a large portion in to give a subtle perfume and enticing colour to the beer.

We say: We couldn't do an advent calendar without including Burning Sky. Hell, we'd buy an entire advent calendar consisting only of Burning Sky. We love this brewery. Burning Sky does everything well but saisons are a particular speciality - no one gets the funk like Mark Tranter and his team. This autumnal saison is especially well suited to drinking with food - we reckon it'd be a great match for our food writer Claire Bullen's column this week - or just enjoy on its own with your feet up. -Jen

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