#HBBAdvent Beer 13: Elusive Brewing & Wild Weather Ales Herman Toothrot American Strong Ale (Wokingham)

Elusive Brewing says: Brewed in collaboration with Wild Weather Ales. An American strong ale infused with the flavour of raisins that were soaked in a comforting spiced rum. The result is a warming beer, perhaps to enjoy by the fire and allowed to gently warm in the glass as you sip and dream of warmer days, perhaps spent monkeying around on an island.

We say: Andy Parker - the man, the legend and the nicest guy in brewing - took the step to move from award-winning home brewing to set up Elusive earlier this year. His brews have been named beer of the festival at pretty much every event he attends, and so we were jolly pleased when a conversation at this year's IndyManBeerCon turned into an invitation to do a series of seasonal collaborations (the first of which, Aztec Challenge, is now out, and tasting amazing). We love this beer - it drinks exactly as Andy describes it above and is pretty much the ideal beer to bring a bit of festive spirit on a grey Tuesday. - Jen

NB: Some later editions of the Calendar received the equally excellent, juicy AF Salopian Blindspot DIPA when we temporarily ran out of Herman...


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