#HBBAdvent Beer 3: Fierce Beer Fuego Feroz Spiced Pale Ale (Aberdeen)

[NB: Some editions of the calendar feature Fierce Beer's Cafe Racer, a glorious coffee and vanilla porter.]

Fierce Beer says: Fuego Feroz is to be consumed with caution! This Pale Ale is packed full of Habaneros - so it is hot! FIERCELY hot! It will smack you around the chops like a wild Nino going full pelt at a Pinata. You have been warned. (Spice levels may vary)

We say: Well, of course there was going to be at least one chilli beer in a HB&B collection. We absolutely love this zesty beer from this new Scottish brewery. Beer writer Matthew Curtis of Total Ales recently featured Fuego Feroz for his No More Heroes column on our blog, and describes it thus: ”The chilli heat hits you like a blowtorch to the face, but habanero heat is a pleasant, savoury heat. The lime juice tempers this and add a touch of sweet, zingy balance, which mellows this beer out. It’s that lime kick that reminds me of sipping on margs in some of my favourite cocktail bars.” It’s delightfully refreshing and invigorating, and just writing this is making us thirsty - Jen

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