Peak flagon - A few changes to the HB&B flagon-fill system

We’ve reached the era of Peak Flagon at HB&B and are no longer able to keep up with washing and sanitising the hundreds of flagons returned to us each week. (This sanitisation schedule always impressed our brewery friends but we now understand why we were the only bottle shop in town to do this.) This, along with increased costs for new bottles, means we’ve had to implement a few changes. Sorry 'bout that.

Cleaning your flagons

We’d like to ask you to wilfully ignore the instructions on the back of the older bottles and bring your flagons back to us sparkling clean and ready to be refilled. Here’s how.

  1. Finish the delicious beer within and rinse your flagon 2-3 times with very hot water. (Do NOT leave any beer/cider/wine in the bottom of the bottle as it will start growing things.)
  2. Air dry it upside down. A dish rack works well here. Only put the lid back on if you have to (e.g. to prevent dust if it’s likely to be stored for a while), and ensure the bottle is 100% dry before doing so.
  3. Bring it back in. We’ll give it a visual and sniff test and if it’s good to go, you’ll get a refilled flagon, a Beer Miles bonus and a big cheesy grin.

To help ease you into the new regime, until 31 October, every time we refill a clean flagon brought in by you, we’ll give you a 20p Beer Miles bonus.

Changes to bottle costs and refunds

Because our supplier and shipping/storage costs have increased, we’ve had to raise the price of new bottles to £4 (still a bargain). You should now treat these bottles as yours and love them as you would a family member (or simply wash them well, as outlined above). While we will still give refunds, the refund price will be at the original bottle cost of £3.

Thank you for your understanding.