New stuff in store: 25 June

Firstly, hurrah for us - we're seven months old today. Now with that momentous occasion duly marked, let's get onto the good stuff. We missed a newsletter last week due to an issue with our lame mailout service, so here's two weeks' worth of new and exciting deliciousness. 

Chilli weather

  • We paid a visit to Siren Craft Brew on Monday and loaded up the car with boxes of beautiful beers. You'll now find no fewer than 13 Siren beers on our shelves and in the fridges, including their new smoked chipotle milk porter, Mum's The Word, as well as their stunning Magic Rock collab, MRS Brown, a bourbon imperial brown ale with pecans, vanilla and maple syrup.
  • We're excited to welcome four - yes, four - new beers from one of our favourite Caledonian brewiers, Fyne Ales, including the legendary Jarl blonde ale as well as their Naughty and Nice double act - a black ale with Ancho chillies and a white IPA.
  • Continuing the chilli beer thread, Glenn's favourite summertime cervesa con chilli from Cave Creek, can now be found on our chilli shelves. 

Yankee doodle dandy

So much fantastic beer from across the pond right now. Step right up:

  • Stone - Stone IPA makes its much-demanded return, joined by the reduced-gluten Delicious IPA and - yes - Ruination 2.0. We cannot wait to wrap our laughing gear around this devastating DIPA.
  • Evil Twin - Hipster Ale and Molotov Lite in cans, Yin and Yang in bottles, and a touch of smoked porter delight with Ashtray Heart.
  • Alesmith - X Extra Pale Ale returns to the top shelf, where you can still pick up one of our last remaining bottles of Anvil ESB and  Nut Brown.
  • Pizza Port Brewing - pick up some Swami's IPA in cans. This bold IPA smashes it on Ratebeer, with a not-too-shabby score of 97.
  • Top-ups - we've also re-upped on Sierra Nevada pale ale cans, Oskar Blues Dale's Pale Ale and Pinner, and brought in Brooklyn Summer Ale.

Sour power

  • Wild Beer's glorious new Sourbeest is a sour stout created via spontaneous fermentation and aged in oak barrels for more than nine months. Yes, you need this beer.
  • Chorlton's Citra Sour and Lervig's Kentucky Uncommon have been so popular we had to re-order in bulk. You'll find these babies in the fridge (check out our sour section too).

We've probably missed some, but if all that's not enough, there's also a whole bunch of stuff in the cellar that we don't currently have room for on our shelves. Ask us if you can't find something and don't forget to check what's currently pouring at