Dads = sorted

In case you missed our Fathers' Day guide a couple of newsletters' ago, here it is again in all its glory. (And feel free to buy Mum a few brews too.)

HB&B gift boxes Our popular 3- and 6-bottle gift boxes are pretty much tailor-made for dads (and anyone else). You can either choose your own selection of beers or take the easy route and opt for one we prepared earlier. Our Gipsy Hill and Brick Brewery 3-packs are always best-sellers, or keep it local with a South-East London 6-pack. Or why not give Dad the double whammy - swap out one of the beers for one of our 100+ hot sauces and turn a Hop Box into a Hot Box? 

Make Your Own Beer Cookies The ultimate DIY kit for dads who love baking - and it's even better for dads who hate it. This awesome kit comes with everything you need to make tasty biscuits that are actually MADE OF BEER. Simply pour the enclosed bottle of Five Points' glorious Railway Porter over the cookie mix and stick it in the oven. Yes, it is that simple. We're hoping these kits will arrive before this weekend, but will happily take reservations if they don't make it in time. You know you need this in your life.

I like big beers and I cannot lie That's right - big beautiful bottles of beer. Celebrate his glory with His Majesty, a Belgian-style strong golden ale from Yeastie Boys. Get fruity with Founders' Blushing Monk, packed with an insanely huge amount of raspberries. If he's on the sour side, suck up a Rueuze from The Bruery, an exquisite sour blonde ale from the US of A. Lastly, the world's greatest gift for a beer-lovin', chilli-lovin' chap - our Rogue Sriracha bundle: a 750ml bottle of Rogue's Hot Sriracha Stout and the original Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Sauce for just £16.50 (a saving of £2 on what you'd pay if you bought them separately).

Finally - don't forget about beautiful beer glassware and our own HB&B vouchers. See you down t'shop soon...