HBB1 - our first hot sauce

Today we launch these bad boys!

That's right, in celebration of our six-month anniversary (any excuse for a knees-up), we introduce HBB1 - Hopped & Burning Hot Sauce.

HBB1* is the first in an ongoing series of hot sauces that are the result of collaborations between Team HB&B and our favourite chilli producers and breweries.

We created HBB1 with UK hot sauce queen Miranda Pellew of Chilli Pepper Pete in Brighton and our friends at Peckham’s own Brick Brewery. It's based on the popular Middle Eastern sauce zhoug and brings together coriander, parsley, cumin and lemon juice with jalapeno and Thai chillies, plus an infusion of Summit hops.

Zhoug sauces are huge in the Middle East and for good reason - they're delicious. Super-zesty with a kick, zhoug can be used on pretty much anything. Our hopped version is naturally well suited to Middle Eastern dishes, is nothing short of amazing with all things BBQ and - as you'd expect - goes extremely well with a beer.

It's in store from now at the bargain price of £4.95. Come get some!

* Yes, that catalogue number may just be a reference to Factory Records.