Friday music post: Eclipse

Well, that was a let-down. Unless you were on an aircraft in the Faroe Islands. Or in the International Space Station. Or perhaps anywhere except London. What a shame. Never mind, there's always 2026. 

Here's a spuriously eclipse-themed Top Three for your Friday (click on the images for the tunes) - all of which we have available for you to purchase in store on beautiful vintage vinyl. Enjoy.

Evelyn 'Champagne' King - Shame

Video quality not great but YouTube seems to have blocked just about every other version on copyright grounds... Anyway, a stunning slice of disco-soul-boogie from 1978 and a stone-cold classic. You need this in your possession, trust us.

Visage - Fade to Grey

Our favourite eclipse tweet was from @JayRayner1, who said "It's very exciting to be able to experience 3.30pm on a damp day in January at 9.30am on a damp day in March." Quite. On another note, RIP Steve.


The Clark Sisters, You Brought The Sunshine

Finishing on a brighter, if slightly ironic, note with the Clark Sisters' magnificent 1981 gospel hit, which has been championed for decades by the mighty Danny Krivit, and rightly so. Happy weekends, everyone.