L.O.V.E got a hold on me*

Unless you’ve spent the past few weeks trapped in a bunker, you’ll know that this weekend is Valentine’s Day. If you’re fortunate to be loved up, we’ve got some great gift tips that may see you get lucky on the big night... If you’re proudly single or fervently cynical, why not just treat yourself?

Big hands, big beers

Big bottles aren’t just for winey-bubbles any more. Behold the Wineybeest and friends. We’ve got a great range of big, beautiful bottles of beer that fit like a glove into our stylish gift bags. Choose from wax-sealed wonders from Wild Beer, Savour’s glorious Sparkling Beer Brut, Brooklyn’s iconic Sorachi Ace and many more…

Box clever

Our famous gift boxes are back. Step 1: Choose from a 3- or 6-bottle box. Step 2: fill it with beers of your choice. Simple.

Champagne and rosés

"And for my next number, I’d like to return to the classics…" We’re not just about beer, you know. We’ve got some amazing champagnes and natural and biodynamic sparkling wines, or if you want to be in the pink this Valentine’s, lovely rosés and pink sparklings. All of which, funnily enough, fit rather perfectly into our HB&B gift bags… 

Valentina for my Valentine

Turn up the heat with one of our 100+ bottles of hot sauce. For a laid-back approach to Valentine’s night, choose a great film, get some beers in, make some popcorn and slather Valentina sauce all over the top. Now that’s LOVE. 

And finally, nothing spells lovin' like Let's Get It On. Or a bit of Barry.  Come get your Valentine's soundtrack.

* PS - our headline is a tribute to the late, great Demis Roussos. It’s one of the greatest disco tunes ever. Check it.