Big Beery Advent Calendar - Beer 7: Partizan Lemongrass Saison, 4.4% (SE London)

Each night at 8pm, we'll post a blog about the day's hand-picked beer in our Big Beery Advent Calendar - why we love the brewery, why we've chosen the beer, why we think you'll love it too. Feel free to comment below or have your say on Twitter.

Partizan says: Not much.

We say: Andy from Partizan inherited the Kernel's old kit back in 2009 and he and his team have been cooking up great short-batch beers in Bermondsey ever since. We’ve stocked this from the very day we opened and we’ve never met a dish it doesn’t like. Lightly perfumed, floral and zesty, it’s a perfect accompaniment for food, and a knock-out match for Thai curry. (Try it for yourself at Peckham’s own Begging Bowl - it gets the full HB&B seal of approval.) Also: kudos to Alec Doherty for the amazing label design. Every label tells a story and no two are the same.