The Hop Burns & Black Big Beery Advent Calendar

We've spent the past few weeks putting together what we reckon is the ultimate beer lover's Christmas present - and here it is... The Hop Burns & Black Big Beery Advent Calendar.

In it you'll find 24 bottles of the world's best beers. We've chosen our favourite beers from our favourite breweries, from local heroes to international superstars, specially selected to bring maximum joy and delight in the run-up to Christmas. Each night, we'll post a blog about each beer and why we've chosen it (so stay away from this page if you don't want to spoil the surprise).

It's a steal at just £75. Start dropping hints to your loved ones now.

(PS: Can't be bothered with the advent calendar thing? Save the whole box until Christmas morning to share with friends and family and make it a very merry Christmas indeed.)