Flagon slayers

One of the jobs we look forward to most every week is sanitising the flagons you bring back once you've guzzled the delicious beer inside. It's exactly as much fun as it sounds, but we do get to sport a sexy blue rubber apron while we do it.

The reason we spend hours each week getting up close and personal with a bottle brush is because we want you to enjoy the flagon-fill beer you buy at its very best. That's why we swap out the bottles you bring back for fresh ones, rather than just reusing them.

Beer is a living organism and given half a chance, that splash of old beer forgotten about at the bottom of a flagon will grow. We owe it to our brewery friends not to risk putting their beautiful beer in a Petri dish.

We know most of you read the instructions on the back of our flagons and give each bottle a thorough rinse ASAP after you've finished the contents inside, and we love you for it. (Especially so when we're up to the tops of our Marigolds in Star-San solution - then we could kiss you.)

To the few offenders out there who insist on bringing us your science experiments, consider this a gentle nudge to rejoin the path of the righteous. After all, no one wants a dirty growler.