Reasons to be cheerful: 1, 2, 3

Hello! We’re Jen and Glenn, and very soon we’ll be throwing open the door to our new shop, Hop Burns & Black. 

Hop Burns & Black brings together three of the world’s greatest obsessions: beer (the hop of the name) and hot sauce (the burns), as well as vinyl records (the black).

First and foremost, we’re an off-licence for quality booze. You’ll be able to find more than 250 bottled beers, with a focus on the best of the local as well as a hand-picked selection of mindblowingly good beers from Europe, the US, New Zealand and elsewhere. We’ve put in a lot of time on the research front. A tough job, but someone had to do it.

You can also choose from an ever-changing keg selection to fill reusable flagons* with beer that will stay fresh for weeks at a time. If you don’t drink it all at once, of course. 

And to ensure everyone is able to drink great beer, we’ve made sure to include lots of great vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. Now you have no excuse.

But we’re not just about beer. We’ve also got delicious cider and a fantastic range of wine from all over the world, including beautiful classics and some really exciting organic and biodynamic wines too.

On to the hot sauce front. We’ve got what is probably London’s best selection of hot sauce and chilli products, from the sublime to the ridiculous. If you’re a novice, we can ease you into the hot-head lifestyle with entry-level temperatures. For serious heat junkies…well, how hot do you want to go? We dare you to put your palate to the test with the world’s hottest pepper sauces made from the Carolina Reaper. We won’t be responsible for what comes next though (tip: yoghurt and time).

Third in the holy trinity: vinyl. We didn’t want to stand in a shop and listen to the hum of fridges all day, and since we’ll be listening to great records, we figured we might as well share the love and sell some too. Music lovers can dig through a very small but perfectly formed collection of vintage vinyl, including but certainly not limited to disco, funk and post-punk. (Come see us en route if you’re off to the Gowlett’s Lucky 7s nights too - we have a dedicated section just for you.)

Lastly, we’ll be stocking a tasty selection of booze- and hot sauce-friendly snacks and amazing Volcano Coffee grinds and beans for the morning after the night before. We’ve got you covered.

But you may still be asking, why beer, hot sauce and records? Well, it can’t be denied we’ve had the odd quizzical look. Occasionally we roll out the pseudo-scientific theory (something along the lines of these things each inspiring similarly obsessive behaviour, whether that’s geeking out on hop varieties, filling up the spare room with shelves of Northern Soul or nurturing a 400-strong sauce collection). But in reality they’re simply our three favourite things. More importantly, they go together ridiculously well: hot sauce, cool beer, great tunes. 

Still don’t get it? Come visit us from mid-November and see for yourself.

Where are we?
Hop Burns & Black is located a brisk 10-minute walk from both Peckham Rye and East Dulwich stations, 15 minutes from Nunhead station, and five minutes from the Lordship Lane, Rye Lane and Bellenden Rd shops. If that’s not enough, the 37 and 484 buses stop right outside. Handy as.

* AKA ‘growlers’, but we can’t get our minds out of the gutter to use that word.