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HB&B at Indy-Man

Manchester's Indy-Man-Beer-Con is always a highlight of our beer drinking year and we're delighted to announce that this year, for the first time, we'll be attending IMBC17 in an official capacity.

Indy-Man has invited a bunch of the UK's leading beer shops to take part in the 2017 festival, and we're chuffed to have been invited. We'll be sharing our story and, more importantly, sharing some mind-blowing beers from Brew By Numbers (the Hop), New Zealand's Craftwork Brewery (the Burns) and the mighty Omnipollo (the Black).

Come find us in the Cellar at 12.30pm during the Saturday day session on 30 September for our short and sweet tasting.

If three incredible beers aren't enough to lure you down to our beery lair, we'll be sharing out a 17% discount code for the online shop for all participants. So see you there!