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Viva Hate: A Brewer Reads Angry Emails

"I purchased your beer for $5.50 thinking it would be the nectar of the gods..."

And so begins yet another one of Yeastie Boys' infamous hate e-mails.

Hop Burns & Black is proud to present Viva Hate, in conjunction with our good friends at Yeastie Boys, as part of London Beer City. While we take a sensory walk through their often experimental range of beers, Yeastie Boys founder and Benevolent Dictator Stu McKinlay reads from his songbook of love and hate.

Hatemail about the beers he has so passionately created, found poems from online beer ratings, and perhaps the occasional love letter to bring you back from the brink of tears (hopefully tears of laughter, but you never know).

Prepare for an insight into the kinds of messages your favourite brewer may receive and the reasons Stu tends to avoid walking alone at night.

Tickets just £15, available here or in store.