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Moor v GingerBeard’s v Hop Burns & Black

We’re delighted to welcome back the Moor Beer team- and this time they’re bringing hot sauce...

Bristol’s GingerBeard’s Craft Preserves have created two amazing hot sauces that bring together the joy of chillis with Moor Beer - and they’ll be launching exclusively in London at Hop Burns & Black on Saturday 10th October.

GingerBeard’s brand new Ghost Pepper Fusion sauce combines the ultra-hot naga chilli with Moor’s amazing Fusion Old Ale, and you’ll get to taste both the beer and the sauce when Justin from Moor and Harry from GingerBeard’s hit the shop. Harry’s also bringing his Amoor Chipotle Ketchup, a gold medal-winning sauce which uses Moor’s much-loved Amoor Porter.

As always, there’ll be samples galore of Bristol’s best beers and sauces - including the best-selling new Moor cans. See you down the shop from 2pm.