7:30 pm19:30

Cider for Beer Lovers with The Ciderologist Gabe Cook

The coolest kids in craft beer are drinking... cider.

It's true. Craft cider is so damn exciting and luckily for us, we live in the land of the best craft cider-makers on the planet.

We've paired up with The Ciderologist, Gabe Cook, to bring together a selection of the UK's finest ciders.

Gabe was born in the heart of the Shire, and has spent his career making and drinking tasty beverages and talking about cider all around the world. He's even preached the gospel, even in places as far-flung as New Zealand where he worked with our pals Peckham's Cider.

He's a man with a mission, and that mission is cider. Plus he has a very fine moustache.

Join Gabe at our place on Thursday 6 July to take a tour through the best ciders you've never tasted. Tickets are just £15, available here.

11:00 am11:00

Gipsy Hill and DEYA Ramblers DIPA launch

Delighted and excited to be one of the very first places in town to get our mitts on Ramblers, a brand new 8% DIPA from the good folk at Gipsy Hill and DEYA.

A thick, oaty mash, lashings of American hops late in the boil, a perfect pitch of fruity yeast and a triple hop dose all adds up to a juice bomb we cannot wait to try.

Launches at ours on Saturday. Be the first to get this down your gullet.

7:30 pm19:30

Give Up The Funk: A Natural Wine Tasting

Defining "natural" wine is almost as much fun as trying to define craft beer, but there are basic principles that most can agree upon. Essentially a natural wine is one that's produced with minimal intervention or additives. While they don't have to be certified organic, natural wine producers have a sense of environmental responsibility, ensuring the health of the vineyard. Their wines provide an authentic expression of where they come from.

To celebrate Real Wine Month, a celebration of natural wines, we're hosting a natural wine event at the shop with our favourite wine enthusiast Phil Barnet of Les Caves de Pyrene. We've thrown down the challenge to Phil to bring along a selection of weird and wonderful wines from all over the world - fun, yum and just a little bit unpredictable.

Join us for a journey into the land of funk. Tickets just £15 + booking fee, available here or at the shop.

7:30 pm19:30

Fundamentals Live #1: Hops


Ever wanted to learn more about your favourite beer ingredients and how they make your preferred tasty beverage taste so damn good?

We're delighted to host our blog columnists Matthew Curtis and Claire M. Bullen on Thursday April 27th for the first instalment of Fundamentals Live.

The inaugural event in this interactive series will focus on everyone’s favourite beer ingredient: hops. Matt and Claire will take you on a tour of four amazing beers, each of which beautifully showcase hops from four regions: The UK, Germany, the US and New Zealand.

As well as drinking generous quantities of these great beers, you'll also get hands on with whole leaf and pelletised hops and learn how they impart bitterness, flavour and aroma to your favourite beers. With each beer, we'll also introduce a heated debate!

Oh, and did we mention that Claire, our resident food columnist, will be providing a food pairing to demonstrate the way hop flavours can complement some of your favourite dishes.

Tickets are just £15 per person and are available in store or online. See you here.

7:30 pm19:30

Hop Burns & Bottle Share: The Sour Spectacular

Recently there was an undignified scramble on the internet as Beer Merchants released a very limited number of bottles of Cantillon for sale. Someone compared it to the Glastonbury ticket sale, which sounded like a challenge to Jen, who happened to be online when the Cantillon sale went live and accidentally ended up scoring a bottle of the much sought after St Lamvinus. Racked with guilt at depriving a non-beer-shop-owning lover of lambic joy, she realised she had to donate it to a good cause... the first HB&Bottle Share for 2017!

We're delighted to have twisted the arm of Fourpure brewer Paul Spraget, the man behind the legendary Mad Hatter Tzatziki Sour, our favourite beer of 2015. Paul will be choosing his all-time favourite sours which we'll all get to try, before throwing open the floor to you and the beers you've brought along. We've got a stack of sours we haven't had the opportunity to try yet and of course we'll be uncorking that Cantillon... It promises to be more riotous than ever with Paul involved, so we know this will be another sell-out. Tickets are £15 (plus booking fee if booking online) - be quick...

4:00 pm16:00

Saturday tasting: Brick Brewery Peckham Pils can launch

One of our most enduring beery relationships has been with Peckham's own Brick Brewery. We're not only neighbours (literally - Jen and Glenn live a few doors down from founder Ian and family) but good friends, and we've been delighted to see how the brewery and tap room has flourished since we first visited on opening day back in 2013.

Brick's beer has also flourished at ours, with Peckham Pils one of our best-selling beers since we first opened our doors, so we're particularly delighted to host the launch of Brick's hot new 500ml Peckham Pils cans this weekend, which celebrates the brewery's 223rd brew.

You're invited to join us at the shop between 4-6pm this Saturday to meet Ian from Brick, try his range of beers - including, of course, Peckham Pils - and pick up some of the super-stylish 500ml cans, designed by Camberwell artist Iris Loi through a collaboration with Peckham Platform, a fantastic creative and educational charity based in Peckham.

And if you can't make it to ours, the cans will also be available on Saturday at rhe Brick tap room, where you can accompany your beer with some of Slow Richie's sensational street food.

12:00 pm12:00

Pop(Up) Burns & Black at Serious Pig

We're getting together with our favourite meaty snack providers Serious Pig for a Xmas shopping pop-up under the arches on Blenheim Grove.

There'll be everything you need for a very beery Christmas, with Hop Burns & Black's favourite craft beer selections - gift packs, sharing bottles and more - as well as Serious Pig's succulent craft meat, plus amazing hot sauces, wine and cider.

Just a few yards up the road from Peckham Rye Station - pop in for free tasters and get your Xmas shopping sorted. Good times!

Saturday 10th and 17th December, 12-6pm
Serious Pig, Arch 221, Blenheim Grove, London SE15 4QL

7:30 pm19:30

No More Heroes: Manchester, So Much To Answer For

Beer writer Matthew Curtis returns for another eclectic No More Heroes event. This time - in honour of October's Independent Manchester Beer Convention (aka IndyMan) - our theme is Manchester and we'll be celebrating the best of this mighty city's beer and music scenes.

We’re delighted to host James Kemp, head brewer of Manchester’s iconic Marble Brewery. We’ll be recording a live interview with James as he leads us through a tasting of three of his favourite Marble beers, as well as three of his all-time favourites from the HB&B shelves for lucky ticket holders to taste.

Read more here. Tickets are just £15 (plus booking fee), available here. Each ticket includes six generous samples of beer and the musical madness and mayhem that is a HB&B event.

Aug 13

Hop Burns & Black presents Chilli Karaoke: Hellzapoppin' Edition

Yes! By popular demand, Hop Burns & Black brings Chilli Karaoke back to the Beer Kat for London Beer City this August.

The inaugural Chilli Karaoke in June went down like a house on fire, inspiring laughs, tears, digestive issues and over-emotional tweets such as this: "Anyone not at the Beer Kat right now is missing out on one of the best pub nights I have ever witnessed. Fact." Awww.

WTF is Chilli Karaoke? See above - you pick a song, eat a whole chilli pepper and try to sing your song to be in to win a £150 Hop Burns & Black voucher (where you can get all the beer, chilli and music you need).

This time around, we're pairing up with those mad Kiwi bastards at Yeastie Boys to celebrate the launch of their new chilli beer Hellzapoppin'. The fridges will be full of the Yeasties' glorious range of beer, with the good breweries of Bermondsey propping up the taps and Team HB&B on the wheels of steel until close.

Friday 12 August, from 8pm as part of the Bermondsey Takeover at the Beer Kat, 203 Holloway Road, London N7 8DL. Pre-register at info@hopburnsblack.co.uk.

7:30 pm19:30

Viva Hate: A Brewer Reads Angry Emails

"I purchased your beer for $5.50 thinking it would be the nectar of the gods..."

And so begins yet another one of Yeastie Boys' infamous hate e-mails.

Hop Burns & Black is proud to present Viva Hate, in conjunction with our good friends at Yeastie Boys, as part of London Beer City. While we take a sensory walk through their often experimental range of beers, Yeastie Boys founder and Benevolent Dictator Stu McKinlay reads from his songbook of love and hate.

Hatemail about the beers he has so passionately created, found poems from online beer ratings, and perhaps the occasional love letter to bring you back from the brink of tears (hopefully tears of laughter, but you never know).

Prepare for an insight into the kinds of messages your favourite brewer may receive and the reasons Stu tends to avoid walking alone at night.

Tickets just £15, available here or in store.

7:30 pm19:30

The Beer O'Clock Show End of the Road Live Party

For one last time, the Beer O'Clock Show team are bringing the live podcast experience to Hop Burns & Black. In what will be their last ever Beer O'Clock Show podcast, Mark and Steve will be bowing out with one final live podcast recording and some great beers to celebrate the end of their run.

There'll be an opportunity to taste two collab beers that the guys have brewed with two of the most exciting breweries in the UK right now and also to chat to the brewers behind the beer.

Andy Parker from Elusive Brewing will be in the house and on hand to answer questions about Starship Fleet: Wave 2, an EPA packed full of juicy NZ hops (plus a cask vs keg tasting). If that wasn't enough, the boys' own beer, Echo Peach, a salted peach IPA collab with Northern Monk, will also be pouring, along with other beers that Mark and Steve will be tasting as they look back over their four-year run and say goodbye one last time.

Tickets are £10 each, for which you'll get four tasters. Bonus: you also get to be part of history. You'll also get 10% off of any purchases made in store on the night. For one last time, it's beer o'clock!

7:30 pm19:30

Hop Burns & Bottle Share with Tim Anderson

Pic c/o our lovely food columnist Claire Bullen


We are beyond thrilled to announce the next instalment in our continuing Hop Burns & Bottle Share series, where we invite our favourite beery people to share their favourite beers and stories with us.

Chef and food writer Tim Anderson probably needs no introduction. Tim was the youngest ever winner of BBC1's Masterchef in 2011 who's gone on to write the Japanese soul food cookbook Nanban, launch the famtastic Brixton restaurant of the same name and - as a long-time beer obsessive - create some phenomenal collaborations with some of our favourite breweries such as Pressure Drop and Wild Beer.

Tim will be bringing along his favourite beers (including some of his famed collaborations) before we hand the sharing over to you, and well, we're just really, really excited about it. These events always sell out in the blink of an eye and Tim's event will be no exception. Book your spot now

7:30 pm19:30

A summertime wine tasting at ours

Summertime, let's drink some wine... With the golden weather upon us, we wanted to celebrate it by celebrating wines that are perfect for this time of year.

We've paired up with our favourite man of wine, Phil Barnet from Les Caves de Pyrene, who's pulled together a fantastic range of some of the finest summertime wines around for you to enjoy. All of the wines we'll be enjoying are natural - wines made with minimal intervention - so you can feel even better about the wonderfulness you're imbibing.

Tickets are just £15 + booking fee, which includes seven glorious wines and nibbles - and the usual revelry that is a HB&B tasting event. Book via Eventbrite or at the shop (shop sales have no booking fee).

Jun 4

Hop Burns & Black presents Chilli Karaoke at the Beavertown Brewery Beer Kat takeover

We're bringing together the world's three greatest obsessions - beer, chilli and music - at Beavertown Brewery's awesome takeover of the Beer Kat pop-up pub in Holloway Road for a world-first* event: CHILLI KARAOKE.

WTF is Chilli Karaoke? It came to us one night at 3am, as all great ideas do. Pick a song, eat a whole chilli pepper, try to sing your song and be in to win a £250 Hop Burns & Black voucher where you can get all the beer, chilli and music you need.

We've been looking to unleash this idea on the world for a while, so we were thrilled when Beavertown approached us to be involved in their insanely awesome month-long takeover of the new Beer Kat pop-up pub in Holloway Road. There'll be more Beavertown beer than you can shake a stick at on tap and - for our night only - the Beer Kat fridges will be stocked with the best of New Zealand craft beer from our friends at Yeastie Boys, 8 Wired, Tuatara and Renaissance.

Following the anguished howls from our karaoke contestants, the night will be soundtracked by Team HB&B and friends on decks until close.

Want to get involved? Register your interest at singit@hopburnsblack.co.uk.

* We assume it's a world-first event. Who else would be daft enough to do it?

7:30 pm19:30

Getting Away With It: Beer x 80s Electronica


Beer writer Matt Curtis is coming back to HB&B for the third in a fantastic series of events that are all about two of our favourite things: beer and music.

Getting Away With It celebrates the synth sounds of the 80s and the best beers of today. As Matt says, this isn’t beer and music matching per se, it’s just great beer, great music and a whole heap of great conversation.

Read more at Matt's blog, Total Ales, and get a'bookin'. Our last two events sold out, so get in early and get your Flock of Seagulls styling underway. Tickets are just £20, available here.

4:00 pm16:00

Cider Time! Spring cider tasting with Tom Oliver

Spring has sprung and that means it's cider time. We're thrilled to welcome back our favourite UK cider maker Tom Oliver of Oliver's Cider.

Tom is a bona fide cider genius and we've been delighted to stock his award-winning Herefordshire ciders and perries from day one. (We also love the fact that when he's not crafting the UK's finest cider, he moonlights as tour manager for the Proclaimers.)

Tom will be in the house from 4-7pm on Saturday 7th May - come on down for a chat and a taste of his exquisite beverages and celebrate the true joy of spring (i.e. cider).

7:30 pm19:30

Hop Burns & Bottle Share with Evin O'Riordain and the Kernel Brewery team


Our inaugural Hop Burns & Bottle Share was such a success that we can't wait to do it all again - on May 5th with Evin O'Riordain, founder of legendary Bermondsey brewery The Kernel.

The Kernel is one of our all-time favourite breweries - it's probably one of yours too. Evin's uncompromising quest for quality is legendary and every Kernel release is highly sought after. We can't wait to pick his brains and find out what makes him tick.

Evin, with fellow brewers Toby Munn and Ben Landsberry, will be curating the main part of the night, taking us through six of their favourite beers from around the UK/the world. After that, we hand the bottle sharing over to you. Feel free to bring along your best homebrew, your latest rare score or that bottle you've been saving up to share with an appreciative audience.

After the event, you'll also be able to buy a selection of the Kernel team's beers in store and online.

Tickets are just £15 and include generous tasters of the Kernel team's six beers plus a 10% discount on all beers purchased on the night. Don't snooze on reserving your place - this event will sell out.

7:30 pm19:30

Hop Burns & Bottle Share with Gregg Irwin from Weird Beard Brew Co

Introducing Hop Burns & Bottle Share, a regular series of intimate evenings celebrating the love of beer.

Each event will see one of our favourite brewers curating the main part of the night - they'll select six of their favourite beers, both from their own brewery and around the UK/the world, which you'll get to enjoy while they explain exactly why they love them.

To conclude the night, we hand the bottle sharing over to you. Feel free to bring along your best homebrew, your latest rare score or that bottle you've been saving up to share with fellow beer lovers, and let the games begin...

Following each event, our guest brewer's beer selection will be available to buy in store and online at Hubbub.co.uk (the awesome online shopping hub for local independent shops).

We're delighted to announce our first Hop Burns & Bottle Share guest brewer is Gregg Irwin from Weird Beard Brew Co.

Weird Beard was founded in 2013 by Gregg and Bryan Spooner, both award-winning home brewers. Gregg, Bryan and their team make wildly imaginative, no-holds-barred beer with the best ingredients, knowledge and respect for process, unleashing inventively delicious new brews on the scene with alarming regularity.

We're fully signed up to the Weird Beard fan club (you'll find Jen singing their praises in the 2015 CAMRA Guide to London Beer, in fact) and are delighted Gregg's stepped up to the plate. Gregg was responsible for the iconic pale ale that is Mariana Trench (one of London's tastiest, juiciest pales) so can pretty much do no wrong.

Tickets are just £15 and include generous tasters of Gregg's selection plus a 10% discount on all beers purchased on the night.

Feb 21

Hop Burns & Boogie at the Old Nun's Head

Saddle up and ride the white pony again as HB&B return to the Nun's. This time we've got our good friend Geoff Walker, aka Ajax, in tow. Not only is Geoff one of our all-time favourite DJs, but he's also responsible for the amazing fitout of our shop. Check out more of his reclaimed wizardry at re-fuze.co.uk or hit him up about it on Saturday in between tracks...

7:00 pm19:00

Ever Fallen In Love with Someone (You Shouldn't Have Fallen In Love With?)

We've teamed up again with beer writer Matthew Curtis for another event that brings together our mutual great loves of booze and music - this time pairing craft beer with punk love songs in a post-Valentine's special on Thursday 18 February.

As Matt says, "The cosy surroundings of Hop Burns & Black form the ideal setting for what is certain to be an evening that’s both intimate and romantic. Expect candles, rose petals, that sort of thing." Blimey. Someone's getting lucky...

Our last event together sold out so don't hang about on this one - tickets are just £20 and available here or in store.

7:00 pm19:00

Camden Flue Faker launch

Pretty excited to be launching Camden's seasonal beer, Flue Faker, which makes its triumphant return on Friday.

Flue Faker is a lager inspired by the Rauchbiers of Bamberg, brewed using malt smoked over beech timber at Bamberger Malzerei. The grains are kilned using the heat from the wood fire which gives the beer a subtle smoky base.

Team Camden will be in the house with tasters galore and a couple of tasty promotions up their sleeve. Buy any bottle of Camden Flue Faker and get a free bottle opener. Buy six Camden beers and get a free tote bag to carry it all home in.

See you down the shop...

Dec 13

Hop Burns & Boogie at the Old Nun's Head

We had such a great time last time we hit the Nun's Head... We're back for a special Christmas edition of HB&B. Which will be pretty much the same as all the other HB&Bs, just closer to Christmas. Be there. Get down.

6:00 pm18:00

Orbit Seven launch

One of our favourite stouts of last winter was Orbit's mighty Seven Double Stout, a gloriously rich, chocolate beast that was guaranteed to warm up a cold  evening.

We're delighted to have the Orbit team in this house this Friday night to launch this year's Seven. You'll be able to enjoy a taste of this year's batch and compare it to last year's - we loved it so much that we stashed a case away for ageing purposes...

See you down the shop for a little bit of what you fancy - it'll do you good.

Nov 15

Hop Burns & Boogie at the Old Nun's Head

We return to spin our shambolic mix of the best records ever made at the Old Nun's this Saturday. Last time there were scenes pretty much exactly like this. We can't wait.